il semble français mais bon (ii)

let’s move on to the latest french edition of "sounds white but ok"!! this time, i found myself faced with a well-meaning crêperie owner who needed to learn to check well the meaning of his words… View Post

il semble français mais bon (i)

i thought it’d be fun to have a quick diversion from our usual "sounds white but ok" posts to give you a new francophone flavour!… View Post

fashion week farce

since LFW is once again upon us, i thought i'd take this opportunity to tell y'all about a highly awkward wheat-based interaction i had last men's season!… View Post

how to antagonise middle-aged white men who would ordinarily want to fetishise you- a guide by yours truly

today we’re gonna look at some of my fave comments in response to a piece i wrote for the independent! … View Post

two rachels and a greg walk into my fb comments…

two rachels and a greg seemed to think this was an opportune moment to impart their brand of wheat wisdom… View Post