Black Lives Matter. BTS breaks the silence: it is bare minimum behaviour

During Black Lives Matter, BTS's week-long silence spoke volumes. It was optical allyship at its finest and Black Armys deserve better.… View Post

Black Lives Matter. East Asians: Step the Fuck Up.

The Black Lives Matter movement isn't about East Asians but our silence played a huge role. Our lack of support has contributed to the horrific injustices.… View Post

osl-oh dear

hey huns! here are some bts pics for u all – mums be the best travel companions, amirite? View Post

os-lo and behold!

norway truly is the country of peace. i can’t even begin to tell you how calming and healing this holiday really was for me. my soul felt so refreshed. day… View Post

21/10/2019 – oslo, drøbak