about me

languages student, procrastinator, severe eczema-sufferer, disillusioned asian gal, and lover of the oxford comma *shrugs*

100% part of the slash generation

under ‘blogger‘, you’ll find my burgeoning passion for film photography, my sporadically updated travel posts, and my occasional rants about white people.

under ‘journalist‘, you’ll find my more serious writing – this includes one-off commissioned pieces for various publications as well as my multiple seasons of LFW/M coverage.

under ‘model‘, you’ll find my entire catalogue of photos from shoots (some of which haven’t made their way onto instagram as of yet, lucky you!)

under ‘poet‘, you’ll find my latest endeavours pursuing a creative outlet – i’ve just published a book if you wanna buy it! <3

contact me at sophie@thereformedflake.com! my inbox is open for commissions, collabs, chats, and anything else your lil heart desires!

i love you all,

soph x