so long, hong kong.

Hey guys!

I actually never intended on writing a travel post about hong kong since whenever i’m there, i’m usually preoccupied with visiting family and never do anything touristy, but it feels like now might be a good a time as any to show you guys some of hong kong’s charming points.

(disclaimer: this isn’t a comprehensive guide but rather a few fun things to do/see that you can integrate into existing plans)

firstly, here are some amazing food spots i tried out this summer!

during all my previous trips, i either ate dinner at home or frequented the usual cantonese restaurants with my family but this time round, my mum and i spent more time by ourselves and managed to stumble upon some really cool eateries!

first up, tim ho wan! their branch in sham shui po currently holds one michelin star but their north point and tai kok tsui restaurants have also held one previously so pull up a chair at whichever one is closest to you! their dim sum is priced super reasonably and i think it’s actually known for being the cheapest michelin-star restaurant in the world?

the baked bbq pork buns are their speciality and let me tell you, they’re the best riff on a bbq pork bun i’ve ever tasted. the pastry is super flakey and it’s a lot lighter than the regular version so you can smash down quite a few before feeling full!

their glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf is super moreish but beyond that, it has a nostalgic taste that takes you straight back to your childhood.

you also can’t forget to try their osmanthus jelly! it’s fragrant and floral without making you feel like you’re eating a mouthful of potpourri and it’s a lovely light way to end your meal.

tim ho wan is honestly a must-visit and i don’t know why it’s taken us until now to try it. their food is simple and even though their menu is fairly limited, everything on it is mouthwateringly delicious. it doesn’t have any of the frills or fancies you might expect from a michelin-star dining establishment and that’s arguably what makes it even more charming!

another place we went to was flipper’s, a small restaurant in hysan place that we came across whilst shopping. they serve gorgeous kiseki pancakes which i’ve never had before but have been dying to try. they’re japanese-style soufflé pancakes which are unbelievably light and fluffy and i kind of regret only buying one plate to share between us since i know i could’ve demolished way more.

my final food recommendation for you all is yum cha! it’s a super instagrammable place so chances are you’ve seen it pop up on your explore from time to time. i originally thought it’d be all style and no substance but i was actually pleasantly surprised.

i mainly ordered their buns (seeing as they make for the cutest photo ops) and didn’t try too many of their lunch dishes but everything we had tasted just as good as what you’d find in your local cantonese restaurant. it was admittedly slightly pricier than a standard afternoon of yum cha but i will say it’s worth it for the experience. it’s just a super fresh and fun way to enjoy a centuries-long tradition. 

i would recommend their bbq piggy buns, the hot custard molten buns, and their bird-shaped baked pineapple puffs! the custard buns are their signature and along with the green tea version, you can poke them in the mouth and make them “vomit”! how cute! the pineapple puffs were also an unexpected delight as they had pineapple jam inside similar to taiwanese pineapple cakes rather than hong kong style pineapple buns which typically have a sweet crust but no filling.

moving onto my day trip recommendation : lamma island!

i would say that if you’ve never visited any of hong kong’s outlying islands, the first port of call should be cheung chau (an absolute foodie’s paradise) but since i went there last time, i was looking for somewhere else to explore.

we caught the ferry from central pier to sok kwu wan and then did the walking trail to yung shue wan before getting the ferry back. since it was roasting and unbelievably humid, it felt like an arduous hike through the jungle but i’m sure in milder conditions, it’s a gentle afternoon stroll.

the views are gorgeous and on both sides of the island, there are an assortment of family-run seafood restaurants. although we didn’t stop at any of these, towards the end of our walk, we decided to indulge in some cold tofu fa as a refreshing little treat in the heat.

before i dip, here are some photo spots we scoped out during our stay!

the area around north point pier offers a wonderful nightscape…

…and pottinger street is known for its quaint stone slab paving.

we saw the famous street art wall on hollywood road

…and we made our way to the masonry wall tree on forbes street.

we also went to kowloon park but it was so humid i really couldn’t spend any more time outdoors than absolutely necessary. once again, i’m sure in milder weather, it would be a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

my final picture spot recommendation is victoria peak! we were supposed to spend our day following the walking paths but upon arrival, i was sorely disappointed to see that said “walking paths” are just roads which give you views of skyscrapers. i was hoping for a real amble through nature but i guess that’s wishful thinking for the centre of hong kong. even so, there are some pretty views and it is worth a trip up if you’ve never been! 

we ended up leaving pretty early but as we were on our bus journey down the peak, it started pouring with rain so it turns out we had a lucky escape. 

so there we have it, my main recommendations for hong kong! we weren’t there for long since we only spent a few days visiting family either side of our trip to south korea. additionally, a lot of our time was overshadowed by the godawful weather during typhoon season but we tried our best to enjoy ourselves in between the rainstorms!

anyways, see you guys soon (hopefully) for my next travels! i don’t know when they will be since i’m heading into my final year of uni and i anticipate i’ll constantly be extremely stressed and rammed with deadlines but fingers crossed i’ll find time to get away at some point!

soph x

film photos pt.1

film photos pt.2

film photos pt.3

p.s. the protests have been breaking my heart and i really hope the government responds to the citizens’ requests (all of them!! not just whichever one they think can placate the people for now!!) but i can’t help feeling this sense of hopelessness whenever i watch the news. another thing that’s bogging me down is that even if we win, what’s the point? in 30 years it’ll all be redundant anyway, won’t it? ugh.

p.p.s. on a lighter note, here’s a variety of products in hk that need to stop stealing my image:

say how u feel lmao

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