azn glo in bordeaux

here’s my guide on how to make the most out of one day in bordeaux, the wine capital of france!… View Post

il semble français mais bon (ii)

let’s move on to the latest french edition of "sounds white but ok"!! this time, i found myself faced with a well-meaning crêperie owner who needed to learn to check well the meaning of his words… View Post

tonsillitis town

behind the scenes pics from nantes!… View Post

un mot sur (des choses gê)nantes

nantes isn't really a tourist hotspot but that being said, i still had a really fun time so here's a lil guide anyways!… View Post

il semble français mais bon (i)

i thought it’d be fun to have a quick diversion from our usual "sounds white but ok" posts to give you a new francophone flavour!… View Post