montpellier – the final chapter

hey guys!

it’s the end of an era with my last post on france! 3 days before the end of my year abroad, i went on a little day trip to montpellier. i’d been planning on going there since first semester so i was really happy that i finally managed to find some free time. the weather was superb and i couldn’t have asked for a better way to round off my erasmus year. 

we took a flixbus from toulouse so we had to get a tram from the bus stop into the centre of the city. we arrived at the place de la comédie which is the central square of montpellier and immediately went on the hunt for a brunch spot. our bus left pretty early in the morning so it’s safe to say we were ravenous.

we landed on coldrip food & coffee which has all the amazing brunch options france is usually lacking. (let’s face it, orange juice, a croissant, and a coffee is not brunch. wake up french ppl!!) i got avocado toast with bacon and ernest got some matcha pancakes with fresh fruit. the pancakes were super fluffy and almost like a crossover between japanese and american pancakes and in a stroke of genius, i poured his agave syrup over my bacon and oh my god it was life-changing. i seriously cannot recommend this place enough!

our next stop was the musée fabre. it’s an art museum with an extensive collection spanning the 15th to the 20th century but in my opinion, the modern art rooms were the only ones worth seeing. the classical and renaissance art pieces were nice but better works can definitely be found in most national art galleries. 

since the weather was gorgeous, we went for a little walk around the city.

we stopped by the pavillon populaire which isn’t as pretty as most travel guides make it out to be but there was a cool photography exhibition going on inside so the trip wasn’t wasted. 

we took some photos outside the cathédrale saint-pierre de montpellier but we didn’t go in seeing as most cathedrals in france are pretty similar and we’d rather be out in the sun. 

we saw the porte du peyrou which is like a mini arc de triomphe and then walked down la promenade du peyrou to get to the saint-clément aqueduct.

after our walk, we decided to rest for a bit at coffee club since the sun was starting to get to us. (i swear living in scotland has ruined us – anything over 20 degrees has us dying now. where did our hk genes go?)

after refuelling, we did a spot of vintage shopping and i bought a hat and a pair of sunglasses. we wanted to go to the jardin des plantes de montpellier but unfortunately it closed just as we arrived so we strolled back to the place de la comédie; got some food; and took the tram back to the bus stop. 

so that’s it for montpellier and that’s it for my travels on my year abroad! i hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures! 

(i’m undecided as to whether i’ll do a post on toulouse because that would involve digging through a year’s worth of photos on my hard drive but if i do find the motivation, that will be up next! if not, the next travel post will probably be about south korea after i get back from my trip in july! i’m so excited omg)

Soph x

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