a little slice of heaven in cordes-sur-ciel

hey everyone!

this will be a fairly short post as there’s not much to do in cordes-sur-ciel but it’s an adorable lil medieval town so i definitely still want to share it with you guys!

i caught the train from toulouse but it’s actually quite complicated trying to get to cordes-sur-ciel (the town) from cordes-vindrac (the train station). the information i found online said that there’s a local bus service between the station and the town but when I arrived at 10am, the next bus was at 1pm. the website also says that there’s a taxi shuttle service for €5 per person but when i tried to phone the listed number, the call wouldn’t connect…

luckily, there was a lady driving past the station at the exact moment i had decided to just walk it and upon talking to her, she offered to give me and a couple of other travellers a lift into cordes-sur-ciel

she drove us right into the town which is situated on the top of a hill (so nice of her since she wasn’t even going in that direction!) and after grabbing a map from the tourism office, i decided to go find all the main points of interest.

i wound my way through the narrow cobbled streets which heavily feature the gorgeous pastel blue synonymous with occitanie and then i decided to go to le musée des arts du sucre et du chocolat which was so cool. it was like seeing choccywoccydoodah creations in real life! honestly legendary. at the end of your visit, you also get to sample a chocolate degustation!

(i originally also wanted to go to the musée d’art moderne et contemporain but unfortunately it’s closed every tuesday. i also tried to visit le jardin des paradis but it’s only open on the weekends in the off-season. i was super unlucky with my timing tbh.)

i had asked the girls working in le musée des arts du sucre et du chocolat where i could take a picture perfect shot of cordes-sur-ciel and they advised walking along a small hiking path a little ways out of town. 

i decided to grab a coffee and quiche for lunch at maison moulin before my walk and then i was off! the sun decided to come out just as i was hiking and the scenery truly transformed. it really did look like a picture straight out of the tourist guides.

since i still had a decent amount of time before my train home, i decided to head back into town and buy some souvenirs from the artisanal shops. i grabbed a quick coffee and met a lovely girl called Lana who invited me to le bistrot cordais for a drink. whilst there, we bumped into the two other girls with whom i got the lift from the station and we all sat together and had a good hangout sesh in the sun. it was actually such a nice way to end the day.

cordes-sur-ciel is such a chill day trip destination and i highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in the area. besides having some stunning views, it’s also a great place to get some handmade trinkets – i bought a little pottery turtle whose shell is made from a leaf and although it was a highly unnecessary purchase, the craftsmanship’s incredible and i love the lil dude! i really would suggest stopping by as many of the artisanal shops as possible as it’s always nice to support some local traders and the ones in cordes-sur-ciel aren’t too pricey.

i’ll be back soon!

Soph x

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