the sun had gone in carcassonne :(

Hey my dudes!

back at it again with a french day trip and this time we’re in carcassonne!

(disclaimer: the weather was terrible so my pictures aren’t amazing and i actually spent most of my time hiding in cafés trying to shield myself from the rain)

this was actually my first solo trip in france and i’d completely forgotten how much i like travelling on my own! it’s great to have some peace and quiet sometimes and just have your own thoughts for company – it’s always such a good opportunity for self-reflection. 

for the whole day, i just plugged in my headphones and wandered around without any pressing commitments or any particular schedule and it felt super liberating. 

i started off at the musée des beaux-arts which had some beautiful pieces but my favourite artwork was a colourful abstract rendition of carcassonne’s medieval citadel. 

i then chilled at meery cakes for a couple of hours. i had a beautiful slice of lemon drizzle cake and a wonderfully fragrant rhubarb and fruit tea and tucked myself into a corner to work on some poetry. (side note: i’m finally formatting my poetry book so it should be released this summer eek!!) when the rain started to lessen, i decided to head out to see la cité de carcassonne, the main attraction of the town. 

the citadel is really interesting as i expected it to just be a historical site but it’s actually a thriving little community with winding streets filled with artisanal shops, quaint cafés, and souvenir stalls. In the centre of everything is the château comtal which is where the museum for the citadel is located and it’s also where you can tour the ramparts. 

after roaming around the entire site and seeing all the lookout spots, i did a little bit of shopping in the citadel and then wandered back into the centre of town. i grabbed a coffee at le petit moka and then made my way through a torrential downpour to get to the bus stop. 

for the record, i was absolutely soaked through by the time the bus arrived and it took 2 whole days for my converse to dry out properly…

so that’s it for carcassonne! very short and sweet, i know. next up will be a small post on cordes-sur-ciel and thankfully the weather was a lot better!

Soph x 

say how u feel lmao

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