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Hey friendos!

I know it’s kinda weird that I waited until my year abroad to explore england but amy and i really struggled trying to find somewhere that worked for the both of us since edinburgh and toulouse have very few mutual flight destinations. We therefore ended up meeting in London and journeying to Bath together via the train. 

day 1

We were both super tired when we arrived so we hung out in our airbnb for a little while before taking an evening stroll around the royal crescent and the circus, two of the most notable areas in bath in terms of architecture. 

We decided on Bath Pizza Co in Green Park station for dinner, which turned out to be an amazing find. The menu’s pretty extensive and you can also personalise as you wish – I got the truffle and goats cheese pizza with added chicken and it was unholy levels of scrumptious. As soon as it came out, the truffle scent made my mouth water and I think it might well be the best pizza I’ve ever had. Bold statement, I know. 

(Word of warning: seating is outdoors so dress appropriately – I was only wearing a hoodie and denim jacket and lowkey froze to death…)

day 2

For our only full day in Bath, we packed our itinerary full of touristy things. We started off at the Roman Baths which was a fun treat for our inner latin nerds and then we went to Café Retro for a good old English breakfast to fuel up for the day.

We took photos at Pulteney Bridge and then stumbled upon bath Guildhall market where we both bought some vintage jewellery from the quirkiest shopkeeper i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  

We went to victoria art gallery where there was a temporary exhibition featuring an animatronics display which was pretty cool and low-key felt like a fever dream (which seems to be an ongoing theme with me and animatronics) and we also had enough time to sit down and do some colouring-in since we’re both 5 years old at heart.

We walked over to the fashion museum and on the way, we stopped by a couple of vintage stores – my favourite was pop club vintage where i bought a pair of earrings and a crop top at a super reasonable price. 

We finished the fashion museum fairly swiftly and then had a lil meander around sydney gardens and took a peaceful stroll along the river avon since the weather was starting to perk up.

We took a pit stop at society café which came recommended by one of my friends who lives in bath and then decided to walk to alexandra park where there’s supposed to be a beautiful view of the bath skyline. i have to say, however, that amy and i were both really disappointed by the view and the climb up the hill definitely wasn’t worth it. 

Having said that, since we found ourselves on the other side of the river, we decided to stop by the cakery which came recommended by one of my instagram followers and that definitely did not disappoint! they have an amazing selection of home-made cakes and even though we arrived pretty near closing time, they still had a lot of options available. 

We decided to go for a cheeky nando’s for dinner since a year of living in france had deprived me of that particular experience. 

day 2 film photos

day 3

For our last day together, we spent the morning at prior park landscape garden and even had time for a lil coffee and cake whilst there. 

We then headed back to our airbnb to pack up and went for brunch at same same but different before our train back to london. If you ever find yourself there, you have to get their hash browns! They’re indescribably good and even if what you’re eating doesn’t include hash browns or doesn’t go with hash browns, you have to get an extra one anyways! You’ll seriously regret it if you don’t. 

Since we were staying in the brick lane area in london, I decided to do a bit more vintage shopping whilst amy was resting in our airbnb. we then went out for dinner at shake shack because they have some sort of hypnotic hold on me? every time i’m in london, no matter where i intend on eating, shake shack is inevitably where i end up…

day 3 film photos

So that’s it for our weekend in bath

Next on the agenda we have more posts about my day trips in france!

catch ya soon!

Soph x

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