antibes – a wonderful end to a wonderful trip

Hey guys!

This is the last post from my trip to the French Riviera and it’ll be a quick whizz around Antibes which is also where I was based the entire weekend. 

My last day before leaving for Toulouse was more of a relaxed, easy-going affair and the only thing on our agenda was going to the musée picasso

We had a lie-in (a much-needed one may i add) and got brunch at le goût-thé

We then made our way to the Musée Picasso whilst wandering through the beautiful sun-drenched streets of Antibes

The Musée Picasso houses around 250 works by Picasso as well as pieces by some of his contemporaries. I particularly liked the paintings by Hans Hartung as they were super abstract and focused more on the form of the brushstrokes than they did on trying to depict any recognisable figures or scenes. I also really loved the collages by Jacques Prévert as although they wouldn’t have been particularly difficult to make, there was a fun tongue-in-cheek sense of humour to them.

In terms of Picasso himself, I loved the series of photos of him in his workshop as it afforded us a glimpse of his artistic process that we wouldn’t normally see. My favourite paintings of his, however, were la joie de vivre and ulysse et les sirènes but the installation of satyre, faune et centaure au trident was also really striking as the museum curators had positioned two marble statues to flank it and had thereby juxtaposed classical art with classically-influenced modern art.

The museum also has a little outdoor terrace area with a lovely view over the Mediterranean which is perfect as you can spend time at a museum without feeling like you’re missing out on sunshine and fresh air.

After the museum, we continued wandering about and chilled at the dock for a little bit before heading into town and getting a casual drink in the sun followed by an ice cream. 

And so ended my trip to the French Riviera. I had the best time and truly cannot wait to go back. I really wanna see Cannes and the little villages further inland next time!

Soph x

film photos of antibes

french riviera day 1 (nice)

french riviera day 2 (monaco)

say how u feel lmao

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