go with the flow in monaco

Hey frens!

I’m back with my next post about the French Riviera! This time, we’re in Monaco!

I’m gonna be real with you, most things in Monaco are super expensive so if you’re a broke student like me and aren’t into luxury shopping, fine-dining, or gambling in casinos, you probably don’t need more than half a day to explore this lil country. 

We didn’t really visit attractions per se but rather took advantage of the gorgeous weather by staying outside and walking around Monaco-Ville and Monte Carlo

We arrived at lunchtime and managed to find a reasonably priced burger place (but I’m not going to say the name as the manager was extremely rude to me and i’m not tryna give him any free publicity). 

After our food, we went up to Le Rocher, which is the rock on which Vieux Monaco is located. There are a couple of museums and various historic sites but the main attraction is definitely the palais princier. We also had a stroll through the Jardin St. Martin which has beautiful views over the Mediterranean sea. 

Since we didn’t have a very full itinerary, we spent some time just wandering through the gorgeous streets of Vieux Monaco. There are pastel buildings galore and charming winding paths and the area is surprisingly peaceful despite the swarms of tourists in other parts of Monaco.

We then walked over to the Casino de Monte-Carlo via the tunnel used in the grand prix (tunnel louis ii) but apart from the casino, there’s not much of note in Monte Carlo so we headed back towards the station and chilled at Häagen-Dazs until our train. 

(Dinner spots are notoriously expensive in Monaco so we ended up eating once we got back to Antibes instead)

And that’s all she wrote! If you were looking for a gambling or shopping guide, I’m afraid this wasn’t it but I hope you still enjoyed reading it! I’d say that for the average traveller, Monaco is much more a place for casual sightseeing than it is a destination filled with tourist attractions but it’s still definitely worth a visit!

Next up will be a tiny post on Antibes! (there’s really not much there but it’s a lovely lil place nonetheless so I guess it’ll be more of a photo drop?)

Catch you on the flip!

Soph x

film photos of monaco

french riviera day 1 (nice)

french riviera day 3 (antibes)

p.s. here’s one of the best photos i’ve ever taken

say how u feel lmao

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