il semble français mais bon (ii)

anndd we’re back!! hi fam!!

i hope you guys have had the time to check out my post about nantes but just in case you haven’t, here it is!

otherwise, let’s move on to the latest french edition of “sounds white but ok”!!

this time, i found myself faced with a well-meaning crêperie owner who needs to learn to check well the meaning of his words.


Act 1 Scene 2

nantes, france

(tired and hungry after a long morning trekking around town, an unassuming chinese girl steps foot into a quaint little crêperie on a quiet side street. she orders a lemon and sugar crêpe and sits down happily to tuck in.)

crêpier grossier: vous êtes chinoise?

girl: (holding back a sigh) oui. 

crêpier grossier: parce que (does asian eyes)

crêpier grossier: parce que je travaillais au Japon et en Corée et c’est pas le même (does asian eyes again)


so there we have it! short and sweet like the crêpes i scarfed down before i hauled ass out of there!

can we just-

  1. why do french people think it’s acceptable to do the asian eyes when most brits realised it was absurdly racist about 10 years ago?? because i get it roughly once a week in france and that would just be unheard of back home??
  2. as someone who has worked in both japan and korea, he obviously has some sense of affinity and respect for east asian culture. rather concerningly, that means he’s not deliberately antagonising me and just genuinely thinks that’s a reasonable way to communicate with people??

no bueno. 

what’s rather odd though is the question this interaction raises. am i offended because this guy was being rude and mildly racist or am i impressed that he managed to tell chinese people apart from other east asians? it’s a bit of a catch 22.

i guess on the one hand i’m thankful he didn’t greet me with konnichiwa (like everyone in france seems to enjoy doing) but on the other hand, i would have been more thankful had he not said anything at all regarding my ethnicity??

this also raises the question: why is it so difficult for wheat-nos to keep their racial comments to themselves????

anyways, that’s it for now! i go back to france in a few days so i’m pretty sure i’ll be back with another ignorant encounter soon! : )

soph x

p.s. i’m working on my brussels post now so hopefully that’ll be up soon! love ya lots


say how u feel lmao

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