tonsillitis town

hey bbs!

here are some behind the scenes pics!!

(most of which are of amy looking cold/ill bc her tonsillitis came back with a vengeance and there was nothing we could do apart from wait it out until she could fly back to scotland rip)

reunited after half a year!!
fun fact: amy got mad lost tryna find our hotel and i had to stand outside in my slippers to try and track her down
our waiter interrupted us…
…and said something utterly absurd
we then asked him to take a pic and he chose this supremely unflattering angle
me stress eating biscuits during exam week
amy is cold pt. 1
guess who’s upset bc she just poured coffee down herself?
amy is cold pt. 2
amy: “this looks like the cover of your new mixtape”
amy is ill pt. 1
you’d never be able to tell from these pics that she had a good time on our trip
professor quirrell
all the single ladies
me: “this is what i imagine your tonsillitis looks like under a microscope”
amy is ill pt. 2
amy is ill pt. 3
fun fact: she was supposed to nap for half an hour before dins but time management is not our forte so by the time we left the hotel, we could only find one restaurant still open (it was a sunday)
amy checking on the state of her tonsils
out on the viewing deck looking rather windswept

all jokes aside, i had such a good time and we’re trying to plan another trip for next semester- fingers crossed our schedules work out!

soph x


say how u feel lmao

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