albi back (or maybe not?)

hi friends!

i was in albi a lil while ago for about half a day (i thought i’d have time to go back and spend more time there but the year just ran away from me cry) so i didn’t really do much besides go to the musée toulouse-lautrec. even so, i want to show you guys some of the pictures that i took.

it was only october but the whole town still looked gorgeous so i’m sure it’d be truly stunning in the spring or summer months.

so as i said, the only “attraction” we went to was the musée toulouse-lautrec which is well worth a visit. i have a real soft spot for toulouse-lautrec and this gallery housed so many of his works in so many different styles (paintings, lithographs, drawings, and posters to name a few) and it really felt like a journey through his entire artistic career. my favourite pieces were his paintings and sketches of prostitutes and courtesans as he portrayed them with such sensibility and empathy.

there was also a temporary exhibition going on for the works of the japanese painter Yūichi Inoue which was so cool. His paintings are based on calligraphy and vary in size and form – some canvases had a single word clearly written in huge brush strokes whilst others were covered in abstract characters and ink splatters. they even had his brushes on display and some of them were huge! it’s surprising that someone can pick them up let alone create art with them. 

the museum is housed in the palais de la berbie so as you walk outside, you can see the beautiful palace gardens with wonderful views over the river tarn. we spent a little bit of time there taking pictures and generally soaking in the scenery. we then whiled away the rest of our afternoon by ambling through the town centre.

for dinner, we went to le chien rouge and even though i wasn’t expecting much, i actually had one of the best burgers i’ve ever tasted in my life. it was a chicken burger with some sort of curry sauce and their chips were also fantastic. 

we went for dessert at crêperie du vigan which was just across the road from the restaurant and then we got our train home. 

it was a super short trip, i know, but i wanted to show you guys the beauty of albi even if we didn’t get to see much. i know there are other museums there worth seeing (such as the fashion museum and the musée lapérouse) but by the time we finished at the musée toulouse-lautrec, everything else was closed. i really did think i’d have time to see the rest later on in the year but c’est la vie. 

speak soon!

soph x

film photos of albi

say how u feel lmao

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