(dys)fun(ctional) family!!

ready for some behind the scenes pics from cornwall?

haven’t even set off yet and doughball already looks done

a broken woman and her dog after a 12hr car journey

yes we have to pour water into our hands for the princess to drink

spicy raspberry #soundswhitebutok

there was poldark merch everywhere it was unreal

the only way to eat ice-cream tbh

mumma lau is actually so precious

mumma lau also likes to pretend she’s popeye

one of these things is not like the others

totally ready for this pic

definitely a natural with her selfie stick

turns out doughnut isn’t great with the great outdoors

using umbrellas as parasols #justasianthings

the selfie stick menace strikes again

this unfortunate burn has now turned into rly unfortunate tan-lines 

u and me both

should arms bend like that?

the most “dad on holiday” pic you’ll ever see

ice cream in one hand, pasty in the other- cornwall done right

my allergies strike again!

she’s beauty…

…and she’s grace

front and centre

bad makeup or glitchy camera?

personality pic

laughing at padre tryna take a photo of us for 5 solid minutes

fun fact: another dog walker thought my lipstick kiss on doughnut’s head was a skin problem

out here makin friends?

the consummate outdoorsman 

why does mumma lau look like a garden gnome here

why is she like this

doughnut had given up by this point

guess who’s tipsy after 2 sips of cider?

drunk n happy vs sober n grumpy

she just rly loves pigs (it’s the small things)

dogs aren’t allowed on the bridge but shh (doesn’t doughie look like she’s enjoying the view tho?)

being carried yet again

another day, another rope bridge, another beaming smile

she’s feeling personally attacked

family portrait oh my- look!! at!! doughnut’s!! face!!

should legs bend like that?

protect mumma lau at all costs!! she’s too precious for this world < 3

when ur mum wants to take a nice pic of u but all u wanna do is eat ur pasty

why did my dad buy her this lmao

first peach coke experience

doughnut squared!

she ptfo’ed next to our car

dad n doughnut both at wit’s end

can’t even kiss it better

the summer of discontent (she was truly knackered after our trip, when we got back she basically slept for a week)


say how u feel lmao

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