the cornish pasty diaries

hey friendos!

this summer, my parents and i took doughnut on her first ever holiday!

since she’s been quite ill lately, we wanted to have one last amazing summer with her in the awful eventuality of her not recovering. anyways, morbid thoughts aside, lemme tell you about what we got up to!

after researching dog holidays in depth, we decided to book a lil dog-friendly cottage in falmouth and treat it as a base for travelling around cornwall.

disclaimer: we were really lucky and had amazing weather 5/6 days of our stay so you may have to veer away from this itinerary if it’s looking grizzlier when you go

day 1- land’s end, the minack theatre, st ives

we started our trip by visiting the most famous signpost in england!

we parked at sennen cove and did the gorgeous mile-long walk down the coastal path to reach land’s end.

the views are incredible and the terrain isn’t too difficult either so i’d recommend it even for an unseasoned hiker.

it is worth noting, however, that there isn’t much shelter or shade along this route so rainy or scorchingly hot weather may render your trip difficult.

our next stop was the minack theatre, an open-air theatre carved into a cliff!

even though we didn’t manage to catch a performance, the views beyond the stage were incredible and we stayed for a couple of hours just soaking it all in.

sweeney todd was also beginning its run in a few days so we actually witnessed parts of the set being built!

it’s mr pirelli’s miracle elixir!!

to round off our day, we took a little trip to st ives.

it’s a quaint coastal town with adorable little streets filled with both touristy souvenir shops as well as independent boutiques. i had originally wanted to visit the tate but we didn’t have time- if any of you have been, lemme know what you thought of it!

i ended up buying some fudge from a family-owned store, some pastries from the local bakery (both were incredible btw), and we had fish and chips for dinner. what’s a holiday without an obscene amount of food, am i right?

1st cornish pasty- sennen cove ice cream parlour

solid 10/10- bloody glorious and absolutely faultless.

day 1 film photos


day 2- st michael’s mount, north cliffs, lizard point

we visited st michael’s mount twice in one day!

the first time, we took the boat across and meandered around the island- dogs are allowed everywhere apart from inside the castle. the island itself, although beautiful, is pretty small so after we’d taken a few photos and explored the area near the pier, we were done.

we went back later on in the day as it was low tide so we could use the walkway to access the island. it was definitely worth revisiting as we were afforded a completely different view and a completely different experience.

if you have the time, i’d highly recommend doing it both ways!

the north cliffs looked stunning in travel brochures but we were rather unlucky on the day we chose to go as there was very little visibility due to mist. on a clearer day, the views would probably have been incredible.

nb: it’s a more dangerous path than other tourist hotspots- there are very few fences or railings and a lot of sheer drops.

we went to hell’s mouth as well but our view was once again obscured by mist.

we wrapped up our day at lizard point where we saw more jaw-dropping scenery.

everywhere you look there’s a different landscape.

once you’ve seen the main area, it’s worth walking down to the beach as well as walking the path to the lighthouse.

2nd cornish pasty- the regent café, lizard

6/10- too much crust and underseasoned filling. also found some tendon. it was stonkingly large though and took me almost half an hour to eat the whole thing- good value for money.

day 2 film photos


day 3- boscastle, st nectan’s glen, rocky valley, tintagel castle (and merlin’s cave)

my parents and i split up at boscastle as i wanted to go to the museum of witchcraft and magic whereas they were keen to simply go for a walk with doughnut.

they discovered a really wonderful view though so excitedly dragged me there after i was done at the museum.

we then went to st nectan’s glen. due to the lack of rainfall, however, only one of the three waterfalls was flowing but it was gorgeous nonetheless.

we also stopped off at rocky valley where we saw more scenic views.

finally, we ended our day at tintagel castle.

the view from tintagel castle- that castle-like building you can see is a hotel

even though nowadays there’s nothing left but ruins, it’s still super interesting as different parts of the castle date back to different historical periods.

tintagel castle is also cool from a literary standpoint as it’s linked to the legend of king arthur as well as the tale of tristan and iseult. the beach below the castle is also home to merlin’s cave!!

3rd cornish pasty- boscastle bakery

9/10- filling and crust were utterly delicious. perhaps the ratio of crust to filling was too much but the taste was flawless.

day 3 film photos


day 4- bodmin moor, the lost gardens of heligan

we began the day with more walking although this time, we finally veered away from coastal paths!

we traversed bodmin moor and saw the hurlers – legend says that they were once men who were turned into stone

the cheesewring– legend says it was created as a result of a battle between the giants and the saints

and golitha falls

i have to admit the falls were a little disappointing as they looked nothing like the photos online due to the aforementioned lack of rainfall.

we spent the afternoon at the lost gardens of heligan.

although it was still beautiful, most of the summer activities involved arts and crafts on the east lawn or interactions with farmyard animals so there really wasn’t much for older visitors.

the walled gardens also didn’t have much in bloom so perhaps a springtime visit would be better?

4th cornish pasty- the jamaica inn, bolventor

low-key turned into a pasty demon whoops

9/10- flaky pastry and tasty filling but somehow still didn’t quite live up to the heights of day 1

day 4 film photos


day 5- the eden project

the eden project is really one of the only rainy-day tourist attractions in cornwall so we found ourselves there on a rather grey afternoon.

it goes without saying that the outdoor areas would have been a lot prettier if it were sunnier but since you can take full advantage of the biomes regardless of the weather, we still had a great time!

my favourite area was by far the rainforest biome– it was wild seeing all the different tropical plants growing alongside each other and there’s even a waterfall?!

the canopy walkway also offers you the novel experience of being amongst the treetops. the best part though? the cute lil roul-roul partridges that wander about the forest floor!

the only downside is that dogs aren’t allowed indoors besides the entrance and the gift shop so my parents and i had to take turns alternating between looking after doughnut and exploring.

side note: the eden project ice cream is incredible!!

it’s all made with panela (unrefined whole sugar cane) and there are hints of it coming through no matter which flavour you choose. it offers a more natural and subdued sweetness, if that makes sense?

5th cornish pasty, the eden pasty

10/10- drool-worthy tbh. glorious even when reheated?? how do they do it??

day 6- truro, newquay, falmouth

on our last day, we’d pretty much run out of tourist attractions so we decided to hit up some of the more well-known cornish towns and cities.

one of my friends recommended going to truro and although there isn’t much going on, it’s a cute little town with a bunch of independent boutiques and vintage stores.

we then went to newquay where we visited towan beach and saw towan island which is home to a house that’s only accessible by a private suspension bridge?!

we walked along the coast, stopping by the harbour

before reaching fistral beach, a renowned surfing hotspot. i’d advise tourists looking for a casual beach day to stay away as it was horrendously packed.

finally, we explored falmouth, the closest town to our holiday cottage. it was rather late when we arrived so we just took a quick jaunt through town before we saw the quays and finally drove onwards to pendennis point.

my parents had read somewhere that harbour lights fish & chips was the place to eat so we grabbed dinner there. i then proceeded to have a grotesque 16-hour allergic reaction so i’m convinced something wasn’t right with the food. ah well.

6th cornish pasty- lynn’s pasty parlour, newquay.

15/10- one of the best things i’ve ever eaten in my life. indescribable heaven in my mouth. i even bought a cold one to take home to norwich (i ate it a few days after and it was just as good as i remembered oh my god)

anyways, that’s it for our trip to cornwall! i hope you liked this mini guide to the south-west! i’ll be back soon i’m sure!

soph x

p.s. click on this pic to see behind the scenes pics

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