seven? seven. seven!

day 1

bono holding a lamb???

fave man with the finger guns

fun fact: there’s a portrait of a naked lady behind those red curtains

what kind of sexist are you?

everyone in ireland talks about this film but sof & i have legit never heard of it???

so many questions

can’t take her anywhere

sprinting for the labyrinth

pouty b

sof’s ass pt. 1/???

trying (and failing) to catch a butterfly

all she needs is a lollipop and she’s good to go

life imitates art

losing her mind over the cute dog portrait

why do the irish dog poo signs give me life?

hoef in howth

sof’s first guinness in ireland

me after less than 1/2 a cider whoops

day 2

so we did a bus tour to try and see more of the country but guess who slept the entire time and didn’t see any of the journey?

yes yes we are 21

why is she like this?

sof’s ass pt. 2/???

what i look like when i’m not camera-ready

wait signs are meant to be ignored, right?

nearrr farrr whereeeever you areee

swear i’m having a good time

ok we should’ve bought this bc eating irish potatoes changed the f-ing game

getting back on the bus // sof’s ass pt. 3/???

guess who ate too much at lunch and could barely fit into her skirt afterwards?

my face when i know i’ll be drunk in 0.2 seconds

good angles only

day 3

squatting at station 8, don’t u know it’s really important to use the rail??!

sof’s ass pt. 4/???

my face after i smashed my phone

she first laid her eyes on sweet molly malooonnee

a magnifying glass is a girl’s best friend (espesh when used to look at ugly medieval lions)

awkward ascent

live-action lion king

awkward ascent, the sequel

she was vv excited when she realised we would be going thru the fireplace

off she goes

gremlin or leprechaun?

i think i’ve assimilated

never too old for a dress-up box

when u realise the art is interactive (read the board behind her lmao)

when u find art u like!!

when u don’t understand what’s going on

day 4

mfw i realise i’m gonna be shitfaced by the end of the tasting

almost the colour of my dress wooo

rocking the groutfit

1/2 pint with 2 pints

hi from 2 eggs

day 5

love maccy ds breakfasts, hate leaving her


say how u feel lmao

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