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hey guys!

i’m sorry i’ve been so appalling at updating my travel tab but i’m going to try and deal with the backlog starting now eek

so, here’s a lil guide to mainz! (disclaimer: i went almost a year ago now but i’m hoping i’ll go back again soon before j moves away)

mainz is perhaps one of the lesser known german cities to us non-natives, but it’s a pretty little place situated about 30mins from frankfurt on the river rhine.

if we start with the basics, the town itself is beautiful. there are cute lil timber-framed buildings dotted all around with creeping ivy and hanging flower baskets, and there are coffee shops and cafés galore tucked into the corners of quaint streets.

much of my short trip was spent eating my way around town and particular standouts were Hintz and Kuntz (their bratwurst was insane and i still dream about it on the reg)

and N’Eis (an ice cream shop with a borderline ridiculous queue but their flavours change daily and are all incredible).

A special shoutout also goes to the chicken shop outside one of the malls. I’m not usually one for greasy takeaway food but this one holds a special place in my heart and is, strangely enough, a perfect choice for a summer picnic.

In terms of shopping, there’s a couple of malls and department stores as well as a Douglas which I almost spent all my money in (their range of Nyx products is amazing). There’s also a really cute vintage store worth looking at (Janablume-Vintage), where I found some funky shorts and a chain necklace.

A couple of days a week, there’s also a Farmer’s market held in the main square so we stopped by that one Saturday morning for breakfast. We grabbed some fresh raspberries and some delicious focaccia before we meandered on through town.

I didn’t do many touristy things but there are a couple of museums about if you’re so inclined. As Mainz is the home of the printing press, the gutenberg museum is a main attraction. There’s also the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum which houses Roman and Medieval artefacts. It was closed the day we went, so we ended up hanging about in the little plaza outside, which has hammocks and a small bar that operates out of a shipping container. I highly recommend just whiling the hours away there during the summer!

If you wander along the banks of the rhine, you’ll see City Beach, a manmade beach complete with deck chairs and beach shack bars, so if you’re looking for a tropical getaway in the middle of a city, that’s the place for you!

One final comment, if you’re in the mood for improving your german and want to find some good literature, there are lots of really good bookstores. The most mainstream and obvious would be Hugendubel, where the staff were super friendly (putting up with me as I stuttered through my A level conversational german) and helped me find a book of german slam poetry by Julia Engelmann that i’m absolutely in love with! It’s also, however, worth peeking down some of the side streets to find the independent mom+pop shops. I bought some other light reads in a bookshop I can’t remember the name of ugh but the shopkeeper and his wife were super helpful in finding something suitable for my level of German. 

That’s pretty much it! Here are some extra pics of me and J brunching + lunching + wining + dining in various places (as we are so often wont to do whoops).

Hopefully I’ll be back with another travel post before you know it! I wanna get them done before I head off again this summer.

Love you lots

Soph x

p.s here’s a gratuitous pic of me in mainz that i couldn’t fit in

say how u feel lmao

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