finding mr white pt. 7/???

back at it again with the clueless white boiz!

after an emotionally draining 5 months with a damn mess of a man, i’m back on the ole dating apps and perusing terrible options again. woo!! go me!!

so this is the latest boy wonder-ing shit he shouldn’t be.

you can just tell he was itching to ask me, right? somehow we managed to get through about an hour’s worth of decent conversation (littered with grammatical errors, mind you) before he worked this in there.

how do we break this down? (wow, i’ve missed this)

firstly, if you must ask me my ethnicity (spoiler alert: there is no world in which you must do this), it’s chinese. that doesn’t mean, however, that i’m from china and therefore you can’t really ask me “where abouts in china” my ethnicity originates, you absolute numbskull.

secondly, i’ve discovered it’s really fun to continue the conversation by asking them the same questions they ask me. their bemusement = my amusement. oh what, you’re british???? I never would have guessed!

thirdly, what do the last two comments even mean??????

“best of both i guess”????

i’m not hannah montana???

also “your not from boring uk” (terrible grammar but i’ll let that go without roasting) did you not just read my message that says i was born in, and therefore am from, the uk???? also yes i do get to “enjoy it here” but why does that phrasing sound like i’m a model immigrant/wide-eyed chinese tourist just sooo grateful to be welcomed by this western paradise??? no siree, that’s not me i’m afraid!

also there’s something about “boring uk” that makes me feel like he’s exoticising hk and my chinese heritage. am i more interesting to you because of my ethnicity??? on second thoughts, don’t answer that, you sentient turd.

once again, one shit man down, a multitude to go. wish me luck, lads!

Soph x

p.s. it honestly amazes me that this is the 7th “finding mr white” post and yet they still keep coming. when will the (s)hit parade of ignorant white men end?







say how u feel lmao

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