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Hey guys!

Today’s post is a throwback of sorts to the early days of my blog when it used to revolve around fashion and my personal style. I was recently given the opportunity to work with Nicce so I’ll be showing you guys a few of my favourite ways to style their hoodies!

For those of you who don’t know, Nicce is a contemporary streetwear brand based in London which produces minimalist, high-quality clothing. Much of their collection revolves around comfortable loungewear and although a lot of it is monochromatic, my hoodie is a part of their AW18 drop and is a lovely deep yellow. You can find it and many other styles, including their classic “black hoodie women’s”, on their website!

So, this hoodie is super cosy and soft and would be perfect to laze about at home in, but no one wants to see me style that so I’ll be showcasing a few outfits for a casual day out!

Firstly, as the weather is getting warmer, you can’t go wrong with a denim skirt. I’m wearing the 4 panel skirt from ATIKA London, which is made from various offcuts of vintage jeans. I’ve paired that with a pair of white fishnet tights and blue flat-forms for a fun, colour-blocked summer look.

My second outfit is probably my favourite. As any of my friends would attest, I’m a sucker for a pair of ripped tracksuit bottoms and I own this exact pair from Missguided in four different colours (black, khaki, pink, and white). I’m wearing my white fishnets underneath to add some contrast in texture and I’ve paired these with some bubblegum pink slip-on shoes. This is a brighter and lighter look and much more in tune with the casual-wear vibe of the brand.

The final outfit is the simplest- a classic pair of mom jeans. These are from a vintage store in Baia Mare. Who doesn’t love roaming about in a comfortable hoodie and worn-in jeans?

That’s it for today, guys! I hope this post gave you some ideas for how to style a hoodie in a fun and summery way!

Soph x

p.s. maybe i’ll venture back into personal style posts? holla if that’s what you want!


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