Hi friends!

last Friday, i went to an event called Sitara*, which is a self-described ‘asian fusion fashion show’.

Its main purpose is to showcase the beauty of south asian culture, predominantly through fashion, but also through dance, music, and acting.

I was lucky enough to be given a press pass for the event, so I figured I’d show you guys some of the highlights, with a specific focus on the fashion : )

To start off with though, I gotta tell y’all that I was sober through the entire thing and it was still solidly one of the best nights out I’ve had this year!!

in terms of logistics, the event was planned really well. the layout of the venue was smart so everyone had a great view; the show flowed smoothly without any hiccups; and the canapés were kind of amazing (there was this mozzarella, pesto, and sundried tomato one that was to die for)

the fashion was an eclectic mix of pieces from a variety of cultures, all using different and distinct colours, styles, and fabrics. the models also all looked like they were genuinely enjoying themselves (there was some great lip syncing and flirting going on), which really did add a fun vibe to the night.

naturally, i was in love with some of the designs, so I’m gonna drop some photos of my favourite ones here:

give me this jacket or give me death (designer: michael hone)

mike rly enjoying himself lol

a fun, traditional, and colourful sari!! (designer: pradeep agarwal)

beautiful detailing on this feathered wedding dress (designer: mirka bridal couture)

geometric monochrome with some neon accents (designer: leila rose allan)

loved the texture on this tho (designer: inna reef)

and my fave, knitwear!!

this one looked so wearable and comfy (designer: vanessa barragão)

but these actually stole the show (designer: ana avelar)

(i ended up contacting the designer afterwards and i might have to nab myself a couple of these)

all in all, it was a fab event and i’m definitely going to go again next year. if any of you are in st andrews, i highly recommend going!!

the tickets were £40 for standard, £55 for premium, and £70 for vip, so i can honestly say that it’s one of the best value for money events here- remember the other fashion shows usually cost close to £100.

so all i’ve got left to say is…

don’t miss out next year!

Soph x

p.s here’s a slightly gratuitous shirtless photo of one of the models. the outfit is the scarf ; ) (designer: ACHIK)

(photos from lightbox, original photographers credited in photos)


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