LFW Feb 17 – Jamie Wei Huang

one of my fave events- was a rly fun mix between a presentation and a show

LFW Feb 17 – Jamie Wei Huang – Fashion Capital


Intimate, artistic, and thoughtful are just some of the adjectives I would choose to describe Jamie Wei Huang’s AW17 digital presentation.

Held in Central Saint Martins, the university from which she graduated, the presentation was an intriguing mix of music, film, and fashion. Before the show started, a collection of clips designed to evoke sentimental memories was projected onto the blank walls of the room. Jamie created this in collaboration with Eduardo Dies Poza, a Spanish digital artist.

The projection was therefore the perfect introduction and segue to the show itself, which was inspired by the 80s and more specifically, the feelings of nostalgia for our youth. Since the room was arranged into single rows of chairs around three short aisles, we all had a ‘frow’ experience and could see all the minute details in the clothing.

Silhouettes from this recognisable era have been modernised and recreated; bell-sleeved tops, flared trousers, and boxy tailoring are all back with a bang in a variety of textures and colours. Although most of the tones are fairly natural, with beiges, browns, and a lush forest green being the main colours, Jamie also incorporated blocks of imperial blue and red, as well as her signature metallic accents. Her treatment of fabrics, therefore, successfully introduces glossy, digital hints of our contemporary life into ideas taken from the past, adding a sense of luxuriousness and modernity.

As for music, the Korean Music Producer, Jae Chong, directed the soundtrack to the show. His most notable achievement to date is perhaps being nominated for the ‘Best Producer of the Year’ award at the Golden Melody awards, being the first Korean American to do so.

As well as having a triumphant show in terms of her own designs, we can see the value Jamie places on community and creativity by her clear support of other artists through her platform at LFW.


Soph x

p.s this is my last report of the season, so have a pic of me!!

say how u feel lmao

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