LFW Feb 17 – Cimone

one of my fave collections ever omg:

LFW Feb 17 – Cimone – Fashion Capital


CIMONE’s AW17 collection was, in a word, visionary. Every look on the runway was bold and striking, and yet if the looks were deconstructed, you could easily integrate the items into your current wardrobe and utilise them as statement pieces.

Style lines, fabrics, and colours were all dramatic and jarring, drawing attention to a wide arrange of visual contrasts. A mostly monochromatic colour palette is broken up with bright red, blues, pinks, and oranges; checked wools, striped fabrics, and a floral-looking print all appear alongside colour-blocked pieces.

Ruffled skirts, severe shoulders, exaggerated peplums, and hood-like structures add architectural height and breadth to the collection, whilst other fabrics are moulded and draped gently. Volume is played with in an original way, and almost every rule on enhancing or flattering the female form has been either bent or broken. Despite the oftentimes heavy fabrics and intense layering, all the looks have a sense of movement and lightness to them.

Symmetry and asymmetry are juxtaposed; feminine and masculine shapes are both played with; and we get a sense of barely suppressed rebellion and anarchy throughout the collection. Modernity and tradition have been combined in a playful, experimental way, resulting in a runway that was utterly unforgettable.

This collection was artistic in a truly unapologetic and non-conforming way, allowing Carli Pearson, the Creative Director of CIMONE, to present us with a non-diluted version of her dystopian vision. The clothing was elegant while still remaining exciting and effortlessly cool, a combination which is very rarely achieved to such a high standard.

I also want to add that the applause at the end of the CIMONE show was deafening and definitely the loudest I’ve heard thus far at any of the shows I’ve been to. That alone should be enough of an indicator as to how spectacular this collection really was.


Soph x


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