LFW Men’s Jan 2017 – KTZ AW17

Oki everyone, this is the final article from this season!

LFW Men’s Jan 2017 – KTZ AW17 – Fashion Capital


As one of the most highly anticipated shows on the schedule each season, KTZ never fails to impress.

This season they continued with their urban anarchy style and pushed it to the very limit. The colour palette stayed true to the brand, being monochromatic and army green, but every item was adorned with either laces or straps, giving utilitarian clothing a bondage vibe.


A large part of the brand’s mission statement is to constantly push to the forefront gender non-conformist clothing, so we see male models in full, billowing skirts accompanied by silky bomber jackets or corsets set against army pants and combat boots.


Style features were oversized and exaggerated with deep hoods and balaclavas, sweeping ponchos or dangling straps from lace-up details. Every look seemed to embody thoughtful disorder and artful deconstruction.

All in all, this was a daring collection which succeeded in pushing fashion boundaries.


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