short stay in Sighișoara

Hey everyone!

Due to my previously mentioned cock-up with trains, I ended up spending one day in Sighișoara instead of 2. Whoops.

The night I arrived, I walked past the Orthodox Cathedral on my way to the guest house. It’s a beautiful black and white building and it was lit up so beautifully that I decided I also needed to pay it a visit during the day.

I returned the next morning and also went inside; as per usual for European churches, it had just as beautiful an interior as exterior.

After that, I walked into the main historical centre of Sighișoara. I went up the Clock Tower, which also houses the History Museum, but I have to admit, I only paid the admittance fee so I could see the views from the top of the tower. I actually have no idea what the exhibits even were…13714190_492872644240725_760387751_n

I then walked to Dracula’s House, which is now home to a traditional restaurant. For 5 lei however, you can go and see ‘the room where Dracula was born’. The lighting was dingy af and there was a dude (‘Dracula’) lying in a coffin in the centre of the room. It was cheesy as hell but it did create a creepy ambiance and I mean, when you’re in Transylvania, you gotta stock up on the Dracula experiences, right?

Afterwards, I carried on wandering through the town and saw The Stag House (Casa cu Cerb), which is a 17th century building that has a stag skull affixed to one of the corners of its facade. Très cool.

I also meandered around a few souvenir shops and bought some cute painted magnets and a shot glass (I gotta drink my palincă from something, don’t judge!). I wanted to buy a traditional Romanian blouse as well but they were all ridiculously expensive so unfortunately, I didn’t end up getting one.

Finally, the ‘Scholars’ Stairs’. They’re another famous sight in Sighișoara but I was way too tired to attempt to climb them. There are 175, cut me some slack, ok? Mumma did however brave them so this photo is one of the ones she took:

We then went for some lunch at a nearby café, where I’m slightly ashamed to admit I got some pasta. Mumma did however get some traditional Romanian ciorbă, which she loved.

We then went back to the guest house for a nap and in the evening we went to a pizzeria, where I once again got no Romanian food (but I did nab a delicious tiramisu).

ignore my hair, i’m fresh out of a nap

Mumma went the Romanian route again and tried some weird pork fat dish that they marketed as ‘crackling’. It might have been slănină? But whatever it was, she hated it.

The next day, we hopped on a train to Budapest, so that’s the end of our short-lived stay in Sighișoara!

Soph x

p.s I stayed at Casa Soare in case any of you were wondering. It was amazing, 10/10 would recommend.

p.p.s we’re chilling in Budapest now. I’m still unsure as to how frequently I’ll post whilst I’m here, but I’ll figure it out soon : )

say how u feel lmao

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