commencing in cluj

i began my romanian adventure in cluj and although it isn’t exactly a tourist hotspot, i figured i’d share some of my favourite parts of the city with you guys.

first up is the botanical gardens. although it was small compared to the likes of Kew Gardens and other such places, walking through it was still a peaceful and relaxing experience. a highlight was definitely the japanese area.

onto the food…

a place to be noted is definitely Donuterie Memo (seemingly a staple for every romanian city)- in my opinion, it’s the underrated but totally better sibling of Krispy Kreme. the flavours are really cool and the doughnuts are surprisingly not sickly sweet. their kinder bueno doughnut is to die for and would be my recommendation!

something else worth noting is the Romanian love affair with mushrooms. Almost every main dish in a restaurant contains mushrooms in one form or another, whether it be as a side (1st pic Olivo Caffe) or as a sauce (2nd pic Joben) both of which were delicious, might i add. Joben is definitely worth a visit as it’s a quirky steampunk style pub.

if you’re looking for a more traditional restaurant, Roata is a great option. pictured below are sarmale, a romanian staple dish which consists of cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and meat.

as for the few touristy spots there are, here are a couple of pictures.

walking round central park is a great way to spend an afternoon. there are benches littered along the main pathways as well as shady spots where you can sit and relax. there are also a couple of monuments and buildings, as well as this pretty fountain.

if you’re into art, the museum of art is a good option as the entrance fee is ridiculously cheap (especially if you consider typical prices throughout europe) and there are often multiple exhibitions going on.

so that’s it for Cluj-Napoca, i’ll catch up with you all in Brasov!

Soph x

say how u feel lmao

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