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Final article from LCM- whew what a season!

LC: Men SS17 – Blood Brother – Fashion Capital


For their debut at LC: Men, Blood Brother’s SS17 collection entitled ‘Homesick’ was an exploration of the ‘great British holiday’.

The concept behind the collection is ‘a guy who has just finished work, is late for leaving and scrambling to leave the city for the holiday’. As a result, the looks can be interpreted as a relaxed version of a working wardrobe.


Key items in this collection are the brand’s outerwear pieces. Blood Brother’s re-imagination of trench coats as lightweight, oversized summer pieces is central to the design story of a rainy getaway. In addition, a fisherman gilet with multiple pockets has also been developed for a holiday-goer desiring something more practical.

Fabrics this season are a blend of traditional blue collar materials such as light wools and pinstripes, which are used in tailored trousers and suit jackets, as well as simpler lightweight fabrics such as jersey, used for shorts and t-shirts.


Colours were fairly muted, with the brand’s typical use of black and tan making an appearance as well as a summery blue and white check and a couple of statement pieces, which were made in a bold red. Appliqué patches also appear throughout the collection, containing postcard-like images.

This collection was essentially an edgy, utilitarian approach to a holiday wardrobe, with sportswear and outerwear merging together to form functional yet innovative apparel.


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p.s i’m a lil bit sad this season is over ngl- gonna have to wait til next year before i’ll be able to go to another fashion week since LFW falls after term’s started at St A

say how u feel lmao

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