LC: Men SS17 – Tourne de Transmission


This presentation was so cool cuz the models walked on and it was almost like a show before they took their places.

LC: Men SS17 – Tourne de Transmission – Fashion Capital

Tourne de Transmission’s SS17 collection, ‘CHOOSE YOUR ESCAPE ROUTE ->>>’, is based on an amalgamation of antithetic ideas.

Creative director Graeme Gaughan and NYC artist Chris Dorland had a conversation in which they discussed their global influences; thereafter, the creative spark for this collection was ignited.


Gaughan explains, ‘I look to eastern clothing customs, cutting and silhouettes and Chris reworks both commercial and bi-product media’As a result, we see billboard style imagery on both the clothing and the set design, as well as an array of relaxed, robe-like garments and loose fitting trousers.


Throughout the collection, there is a sense of unapologetic anarchy and escape from conformity in the way the pieces have been treated. The construction of each item is unexpected and fresh – we see oversized rainwear made in premium tailoring fabrics; biker jackets stripped of hardware; sweatshirts turned inside out to expose their fleecing and kimonos realised in plaid. Detailing is also rough and ready with stepped hems, raw edges and intermittent patchwork all making an appearance.


Although each look contains instantly recognisable elements, they have all been changed in such a way that the wearer will feel as though they’re avoiding conventionality. ‘CHOOSE YOUR ESCAPE ROUTE ->>>’ is far less about the destination and more about the process of self-discovery we endure as we try to move away from mainstream ideas.


Soph x

p.s also some chick stepped on my foot and scuffed my shoe and i’m still mad about that -.-

say how u feel lmao

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