LC: Men SS17 – Several

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And so I present you with the final articles- Day 4 of LC:M!

LC: Men SS17 – Several – Fashion Capital


The Several: SS17 collection embraces the touches of Americana that appeared in post-war Britain but restyles these ideas in an understated, minimalist way.

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With a set reminiscent of a 50s roadside café, the look each model was wearing was written on a ‘menu’ hanging on the wall. Tables were adorned with tea and toast and models were either perched on a chair reading a newspaper or using the wall-mounted phone.

Materials used in wartime attire were combined with newly introduced American fabrics, so hop sack and military cotton poplin were used in conjunction with ginghams and seersuckers. Silhouettes were both functional and preppy with staple pieces like the Milkman coat and wide leg trousers being paired with Byron collared shirts.

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The colour palette remained fairly neutral, staying in the realm of creams, tans and olive greens with the only exception being a bright pamplemousse coat, of which there was a duplicate available to be tried on.

This collection was labelled as ‘a culmination of mid-century working class life meeting exciting new influences from across the pond’ and I would have to say that this vision was clearly and successfully realised. Each item was evidently inspired by post-war culture but they can also easily translate to wearable, relevant pieces for the modern man.


Soph x

p.s I’m mildly confused though, the ‘menu’ had 10 looks but we hung around for a while and even after they switched the models, I’m pretty sure I only saw 6 looks…

say how u feel lmao

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