LC: Men SS17 – Charli Cohen


By this point this needs no intro:

LC: Men SS17 – Charli Cohen – Fashion Capital


Although Charli Cohen’s presentation was a quieter affair compared to some of the others on the roster during LC: M, it was still one of my favourites because I could honestly see myself wearing every single one of her pieces.

‘Task Force X’ is a collection inspired by DC’s Suicide Squad but rather than tacky, costume-like designs, Cohen has cleverly alluded to superheroes and villains in a restrained and stylish way.

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In terms of shape, there are references to military and prison uniforms but rather than signifying constraint and rigidity, these pieces symbolise newfound freedom. Elements are taken from parachute harnesses and broken straitjackets to explore the idea of restrictive clothing enabling movement.

There are also items more reflective of superhero attire such as the Prism Hoodie, Saber pant and Sansai Coat. Their voluminous nature reminds me of billowing capes but the simplicity in their design also replicates the streamline, practical clothing we normally see from comic book characters. The fabrics used are Olympic level performance fabrics, since everyone knows that any respectable superhero has to have an indestructible wardrobe…

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The colours are bold and graphic with red, pink and army green featuring heavily. Details such as layered belts, bonded eyelets, lacing and ties help create varying textures and patterns.

This is an exciting collection that caters to a young person looking for something dynamic, quirky and current. Our generation’s fascination with both Marvel and DC movies means it won’t be long before everyone starts dressing like an urban superhero. So if you wanna get ahead of the trend, look no further than Charli Cohen!


Soph x

p.s this was honestly my favourite collection if we just take the clothes into consideration- i honestly would wear all of the pieces but espesh that pink cape

say how u feel lmao

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