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LC: Men SS17 – Richard James – Fashion Capital


Richard James’ SS17 offering is ‘Dandy Kim’, a collection named after the iconic Michael ‘Dandy Kim’ Caborn-Waterfield, a charismatic and colourful character whose lifestyle was extravagant and fast-paced (if at times a little illegal).

From trading black market nylon in London to opening the first Ann Summers store, the ever-stylish Waterfield seemed to hop from adventure to adventure.

This season, James was inspired by Havana, where Waterfield stayed in the late 1950s whilst running guns for Fulgencio Batista, the Cuban dictator. The collection captures the very vibe of Cuba’s capital, when the scorching sun, high-stakes casinos, dynamic nightclubs and glamorous luxury hotels created a sleazy, seductive haven for the rich and powerful.

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The colours of the collection are designed to reflect the colours of Cuba. Soft, sun-bleached pastels are adorned with bright neon accents, reminding us of stark neon lights against a backdrop of old colonial architecture. Ties and pocket squares were crafted from bright, finely detailed prints, capturing the busy, almost hallucinogenic nature of Havana nights.

Linens and cottons were used in the tailoring, making each piece crisp and clean but with an added summery lightness. Amongst more streamline, contemporary silhouettes, there were also wide-legged, pleated trousers and shirts with exaggerated collars, reminiscent of 1950s style lines.

Although each piece would complement the wardrobe of any modern man, it also doesn’t take much imagination to realise the collection would also fit seamlessly into the wardrobe of ‘Dandy Kim’. Perhaps that’s where the success of this lies; it’s a collection inspired by such a unique, specific era but the result manages to transcend time.


Soph x

p.s actually loved the models in this one even if they were trying to take ‘smouldering’ to a whole new level

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say how u feel lmao

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