LC: Men SS17 – Boy by Boy – Boy London

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And this is the last article from Day 2 of LCM!

LC: Men SS17 – Boy by Boy – Boy London – Fashion Capital


The ‘BOY By BOY’ SS17 collection took inspiration from the nature of modern technology.

As technology begins to dominate more and more of our daily lives, it is also becoming increasingly invasive. BOY London decided to create a collection based on the concept that by allowing the world to see our every move online, we are now becoming ‘government informants’ of sorts, only we’re effectively working against ourselves in the process.

To convey this idea, BOY By BOY had four design stories: Ground Force, Military, Tech and Leaders. The models wearing these designs were stationed at the four corners of the room, which successfully gave attendees the impression that they were being monitored wherever they went.

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The collection was all about defending our personal freedoms by protecting our identities and avoiding privacy violations. In line with this, many of the models were sporting bandanas, hoods or snapbacks to partially obscure their faces. Integrated garment technology was also utilised when creating each piece; notable examples were RF blocking fabric, drone blocking linings and prints, which were actually lines of code.

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I actually thought this collection was a really innovative approach to using technology in fashion as we often see 3D printing and LED lights on runways but designers rarely use the materials chosen here. It was also intriguing to see the darker side of technology being explored as we’re usually only shown how technology facilitates our lives.


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p.s the presentation was at One Embankment and honestly it felt more like a night out than a LCM event- bloody loved it

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