LFW AW16 – Éthologie by Jasper Garvida


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LFW AW16 – Éthologie by Jasper Garvida – Fashion Capital


Jasper Garvida presented a minimalist and modern collection for AW16, which had its roots deeply embedded in Russian Constructivism.

With a mostly monochromatic colour palette, graphic elements were added through colour blocking and bold striping. Different materials were incorporated into each look, ensuring a constant contrast of hard v’s soft and structure v’s flow. Leather was set against lace, silk georgette and organza and soft knitwear was carefully crafted from British alpaca wool.

The use of handkerchief hemlines was evidently reflective of the sharp lines associated with the Russian Constructivism movement; however, Garvida also injected his own aesthetic into the looks by incorporating his trademark embellishments. Detailed hand-embroidered beading cropped up in various geometric shapes and he successfully played with light and shade by adding flashes of silver intermittently.

Alongside this season’s collection, Garvida has also launched Éthologie’s new e-boutique where you can buy pieces from this collection as well as exclusive one-off items from the Éthologie Collectables range.

My favourite pieces from this collection were undoubtedly the knits, with the chunky cream sweaters in particular catching my eye. They looked comfortable and stylish, with the exaggerated silhouettes seeming conducive to being both dressed up and dressed down.


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