LFW AW16 – Mary Benson


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LFW AW16 – Mary Benson – Fashion Capital


Mary Benson’s AW16 collection was a throwback of sorts entitled ‘What’s My Age Again’.

Held in a club with models positioned on a stage decorated with hanging stars and moons, the presentation was a physical manifestation of a teenage way of thinking. Denims, greys and neon’s made up an intriguing, if slightly uncomfortable, colour palette and the materials were experimental and mildly disconcerting, with scrunched up tulle and vinyl prints taking centre stage.

The silhouettes this season were exaggerated, with extreme androgyny and raw sex appeal vying with each other. Baggy jeans and oversized jackets were commonplace but then again so were skimpy tops and slinky slips. The clothing was heavily adorned with zips and fastenings but was then paired with converse, resulting in an aesthetic which gave off a carefully cultivated ‘I don’t care’ vibe.

With perpetually uninterested expressions plastered across their faces, the models were truly embodying the spirit of this collection, that of teen angst and boredom combined with the ‘f the system’ attitude that gave birth to the iconic pop punk movement.

This season, the Mary Benson woman is someone who isn’t afraid to stray from normal conventions by celebrating their youth after accumulating the worldly knowledge and sophistication that comes with adulthood. Everything is bold, bright and so over-the-top but fashion is supposed to be a statement and this collection is the perfect form of self-expression for anyone feeling reminiscent over their teen years.


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