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LFW AW16 – Ashley Isham – Fashion Capital


For his AW16 collection, Ashley Isham found inspiration in Igor Skaletsky, a young Russian artist.

Skaletsky works in mixed media and combines modern technology with traditional painting techniques, thereby creating a unique style that is wholly his own. Skaletsky centres his art on images of iconic artworks, manipulating them to create hybrid images completely removed from their time period and context. His work was particularly interesting to Isham as it often combines various symbols from religion, pop culture, the animal kingdom and tattoos to form a layered and filtered view of reality.

Isham therefore takes this melding of different techniques and styles and transfers it to his own collection this season. Through the whole show there is a sense of classic romanticism being combined with edgy architecture. The tone of the collection is at times dark and brooding and at times light and ethereal, taking the spectator on a journey through a full spectrum of emotions. The materials used are lightweight and airy but he has also incorporated some sharp tailoring, creating a dichotomy that allows couture silhouettes to remain comfortable in wear. The colour palette is also typical of high-end brands this season, staying firmly in the sphere of dark, tonal hues of teal, olive, maroon and magenta.

Both experimental and polished, Isham’s designs are a must-have for any urban, trendy woman this season. On a side note, I absolutely adored the hats created by House of Flora which accessorised the collection. They were seriously fabulous.


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