LC: Men AW 16/17 – Lathbridge by Patrick Cox


here’s the final article from LC: Men, please check it out!

LC: Men AW 16/17 – Lathbridge by Patrick Cox – Fashion Capital


Launching his new accessories brand Lathbridge last year, Patrick Cox finally made his long-awaited return to the world of luxury footwear. With a focussed and well-edited collection, Mr Cox has successfully created a brand that combines modernity and luxury with a quiet sense of Britishness.

His desire to keep the collection organic by not focussing on trends or labels allowed Mr Cox to craft items that reflect his style and taste instead. He has stated, “there is nothing more British than a man and his dog and so I wanted Lathbridge to embody that spirit” (in case you’re not aware, Mr Cox owns two adorable bulldogs named Cesar and Brutus). In taking this inspiration further, the logo for Lathbridge is a graphic bulldog, which also appears starkly on most pieces.  It can be found printed on the tongue of a classic white sneaker, engraved into a shining button or even made 3D in the form of a raised bulldog detail on a classic loafer.

When I asked Mr Cox whether the brand this season would continue to make androgynous pieces with touches like the floral print of SS16, he replied “no, not really. The collection reflects my mood, which is always more sombre in winter”. After looking around, he pointed towards some shoes atop a record player and smiled, saying, “the most pimp thing would probably be the crocodile loafers”.He then gestured towards himself and shrugged, saying “I’m wearing chocolate brown, grey and tan, so the collection is chocolate brown, grey and tan”.

I’d have to admit, after meeting him I’d say this collection reflects his manner perfectly. He’s stylish, easy-going and amazingly personable and his collection retains that same sense of ease. Although the products are high-end and luxurious, the brand doesn’t feel intimidatingly grandiose in the slightest and instead champions an air of relaxed elegance.


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